Midnight Occult Civil Servants Review Episodes 14 + 15


Vampires and Karma


Mayonaka no Occult Koumuin Episodes 14 + 15

I didn’t suspect that we’d get more of Midnight Occult Civil Servants so soon and to be honest, a couple of episodes here and there of this would always be welcome. While it hasn’t upped its game visually and they are definitely making the assumption you’ve watched the series prior and know basically who the main characters are, this two episode story about a vampire and petty revenge is a nice stand-alone viewing experience.


This story primarily focuses on Theo, which was nice as we didn’t really learn a lot about him during the series. We learn about his past as a researcher and the jealousy another researcher felt toward him. We also learn about his long-time fascination with Japanese Vampires of which there is apparently only one left with the species having been more or less hunted to extinction.


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However, there’s been a series of mysterious deaths in Shinjuku and it is fairly quickly determined that a vampire must be involved. Once again we see the tricky legalities these civil servants face as the case is most definitely one for the police, but Theo’s knowledge and personal involvement means they stay relevant to the plot.


If anyone gets short changed in these two episodes it would be Arata as other than acting as a translator during what should be a fairly emotional scene, he is largely peripheral to everything going on. Again, not really a problem given Theo is interesting enough and the vampire story is actually pretty interesting, even if the villain’s motives aren’t.


Basically, this is more of Midnight Occult Civil Servants. It hasn’t noticeably improved on the weaknesses of the series but if you enjoyed it (which I did) and you enjoy supernatural investigation stories in general, there’s enough entertainment to be found here and the isolated nature of this case makes it perfectly fine to just watch the two episodes without having to revisit the whole series.

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