Midnight Occult Civil Servants Review Episode 7


A lot of build up but no climax.

On a separate note – always bribe fairies with sugar. It apparently works.

Episode 7

The conclusion to this two parter wasn’t a disappointment, but it didn’t really seem to do as much as it could. Midnight Occult Civil Servants builds up to a confrontation that ultimately doesn’t exist and while we get some interesting moments along the way it really felt a bit anti-climatic.


On the positive side, Arata, Kyoichi and Seo get some moments early in the episode to clarify their current positions. Previously these three characters, despite being on the same team, have felt very disparate in their goals and approaches to things so it was nice to see them hashing out their current views and motives as it really felt for once like they were actually a team.


We also got some great moments with Huehuecoyotl as they taunt the team even while congratulating them on narrowing down their search. As they proceed toward ‘hell’ Huehuecoyotl makes their role as a trickster and someone just trying to alleviate boredom clear. Normally this kind of character would annoy me but I find Huehuecoyotl fairly entertaining so far.


That said, despite wanting to play with Arata, Huehuecoyotl certainly isn’t about to let him get eaten and I’m not sure how powerful Huehuecoyotl actually is but the other Another didn’t even want to put up a fight.

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While it is a cool moment it is the first of two really anti-climatic moments. The second one being when they finally find the demon and the girls, and of course the only two girls left inside are Arata’s friend and Kyoichi’s sister. The problem here being that they are essentially stopped from doing anything, the situation ends and they leave with the girls, and things sort themselves out without them ever raising a finger. They’d have got much the same result if they’d just had some coffee and waited for the day to be over.


As much as I did enjoy this episode, I can’t help feeling it really didn’t do as much as it could have.

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