Midnight Occult Civil Servants Review Episode 10


Do You Think He Realises He Was Wrong Yet?


Midnight Occult Civil Servants Episode 10

Pride comes before the fall and the government guy certainly is going to learn that after this week. Midnight Occult Civil Servants picks up immediately from the events of the last episode and shows the divide between Arata and the rest of the group he’s working with widen as their very different views on the Another’s clash head on.

This episode got a bit dark, so here’s a yokai cat being tickled just to make you smile.

A new case is brought to Arata’s attention and they head to the stadium where it turns out there are eggs or coccoons scattered about. Naturally Arata can’t converse with the cocoons which leads the government guy to the false assumption that Arata is useless and that the only possible action is burning them. You can already tell this is going to end well.


What we end up with is a cliff-hanger episode that is about as exciting as this anime gets. It is hopelessly predictable and yet satisfying because of it. What makes it even better is the guy who was kind of staying neutral in the war or words between Arata and the government guy calls Arata to beg him to help when everything naturally falls apart.


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It will be interesting to see how the team handle the situation next week. I kind of would have liked a little more from this episode in terms of suspense and I’m sure that with some better visuals the reveal of the Another at the end could have been spectacular. Still, it was good enough and interesting enough for what it was and I am enjoying this from week to week.

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