Matoi the Sacred Slayer Episode 2


So last week with episode 1 I was equal parts hating this and being intrigued by it. Episode 2 has helped me resolve my inner conflict and now I know that this is not the anime for me. By the time Matoi’s guardian (father?) burst into her bedroom after hearing her scream I was over it. Over the obvious jokes, over the ridiculous reactions and non-reactions from the characters, and just done with it. I’ll be honest, I skipped through parts of this episode to see if the end returned to any of the elements that interested me in episode 1. No such luck. This is officially being dropped.

Matoi the Sacred Slayer is available from AnimeLab.

One thought on “Matoi the Sacred Slayer Episode 2

  1. It is a shame you dropped the series as episodes 3 & 4
    really get the show going at full speed & really explain
    the world, & many of the characters motivations.

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