Matoi the Sacred Slayer Episode 1


Matoi works at a shrine and wants a normal life but if that happened we wouldn’t have a story.


I’m torn. Part of me hated this and the other part of me really wants it to end up being good. I know that it wasn’t what I expected. I expected silly girls handing out good luck charms and maybe a Sailor Moon style transformation with a battle that ends in hearts and rainbows. And we kind of get that (minus the hearts and actual transformation sequence but not the rainbows). Only that’s about half of the run time. The rest of the time we get an opening that actually felt a bit dark and could’ve even been menacing if not for the terrible English being thrown around and a bit of a crime story with the detective (father character) running around trying to track down some guy who is possessed. It’s like there are two entirely different tones and storylines being mushed together and the result is not entirely disasterous but neither is it satisfying and I really do not know whether this show is going to be any good or not from this episode.

On that note, I’ll have to give it a couple more episodes yet.

Matoi the Sacred Slayer is available on AnimeLab.

5 thoughts on “Matoi the Sacred Slayer Episode 1

  1. Loving Matoi: The Sacred Slayer, yes this takes a few
    episodes to get up & going, but it is dynamic enough
    to not be one dimensional, looking forward to more!

  2. Part of me hating it and part of me wanting it to be good is pretty much how I’ve gone into the fall season, haha. There’s a couple of stand outs now that I’ve played catch up. I don’t think we can legally steam this one in the UK (I might be wrong) but I doubt I’m missing much anyway.

    Still, I’ll keep an eye on your future reviews 🙂

  3. Haha, glad I’m not alone in having watched the first episode. It felt a lot like a marriage between Vividred Operation and maybe Rolling Girls or something. The opening was interesting tonally and kind of hilarious but the rest of the episode felt pretty lame to me and the whole groping thing seemed to intrude on what could have otherwise been a better scene.

    I’ll be dropping the show for now because there’s a lot of other stuff I’m looking into this season but I’ll be reading your weekly reactions for as long as they exist to see if things change up.

    1. Yeah, the groping at the end just kind of shattered any kind of actual drama that could have existed in that situation. Way to ruin a moment.

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