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Masamune was chubby as a kid and got rejected by Adagaki. Now he’s lost weight and is determined to make her fall in love with him so that he can reject her.


What is it with these shows about people losing weight and somehow that making them super popular? Having endured Kiss Him, Not Me last season I really don’t know that I can go for a second anime in a row where a character loses weight and somehow that transforms how people see them. Not to mention, the basic set-up where he just wants to toy with a girl before dumping her is kind of repugnant regardless of how heart broken he may have been as a child.

If I ignore the premise, this first episode is still pretty underwhelming. I’m not sure what tone they were going for but what I got was pretty much nothing. We followed Masamune around at school, saw him get excited that he ran into Adagaki fairly quickly and then watched him stalk her before orchestrating a rescue. I’ll give this one more episode but odds are this one is going to hit the drop list.

Masamune-Kun’s Revenge is available on Crunchyroll.

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  1. “Having endured Kiss Him, Not Me last season I really don’t know that I can go for a second anime in a row where a character loses weight and somehow that transforms how people see them.”

    See this? Karandi gets it

  2. I was put off the moment I came across the premise for this show. Read a few, varied impressions of the first episode and that’s pretty much cemented my decision to leave this one be.

    I’m sure the anime will find a way to salvage a romance out of this but as you said, the premise is repugnant nonetheless and ‘stalking and orchestrating a rescue’ raises so many warning bells.

  3. I thought it was solid enough, it does depend on the other episodes though. Simple, confidence boost. Or an over inflated self-esteem. People get more stick for being over-weight than being servely under weight, namely bulimia or anorexia.

    1. People get teased for all sorts of reasons but that doesn’t validate dedicating your entire life to revenge against a single person. I’d be much more impressed if he’d lost the weight (for his own benefit), gained confidence and was now just planning to have a normal high school life and then ran into her again which brought up his past trauma which he thought he’d dealt with. Of course, the fact that he felt he had to lose weight to gain confidence is also kind of a problem but as you have said, people do get teased for being over-weight.

  4. Saw this one a couple days ago. Premise made me hope it was a comedy, and I’m hoping it’ll get better as it goes on. Right now tho, it feels like it’s in that stage-setting period of the story.

  5. i haven’t watched the episode yet, but in the manga it sort of treats his fixation on weight as a personal obsession or even trauma, which is a premise that has potential for a bit more depth; on the other hand, it doesn’t really explore it any deeper than that so it’s effectively just as shallow as you’ve noted

  6. Honestly, to me, there are so many better quality romance anime this season that even with me giving it a sort of positive review, I don’t know if I even want to stomach an episode 2. That bar has been raised and I honestly don’t think this anime can compete.

  7. As said in my own post, I have a feeling this show is going to drop its nastiness as it goes on and becomes more of a proper romance.


    Although I don’t mind the nastiness as much, but I do agree that the idea of the premise and the way the show presents vanity as something “good” to be pretty horrible.

    As someone who ended up enjoying the show, I do hope you manage to stick with it in the long run.

  8. The premise certainly didn’t give me a good reason to watch the series, though, I did consider doing so just to see how bad it is. From your review, it sounds like it was simply underwhelming rather than entertaining levels of bad.

    1. I was underwhelmed but I have read a couple of reviews where people have really liked this first episode so maybe it just isn’t to my tastes.

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