March Comes in Like a Lion Episode 8


March Comes in Like a Lion Episode 8 Review:

The shogi lesson continues in March Comes in Like a Lion and we see more of how Rei responds to Nikaidou’s presence in his life. I love how Rei says he feels suffocated when he spends time with Nikaidou but it didn’t seem to be directed at Nikaidou himself and more the way Nikaidou makes Rei feel about himself. It was a great scene (though I’m not entirely sold on listening to the cats sing about Shogi again).

However, the final part of this episode has Kyouko (Rei’s older sister after he’s adopted) visit ad this is where I really got interested in the episode. So many questions about the history between these two characters and there are just so many layers to their relationship.

Ultimately we’re left with Kyouko essentially trying to rattle Rei before a match and the question of whether or not he will actually be able to play his best or whether he will crumble under the pressure, but that was kind of just the icing on the cake of the emotional currents that ran through this entire segment of the episode.

Anyway, still loving this series. March Comes in Like a Lion is available on Crunchyroll.

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