March Comes in Like a Lion Episode 42: Smiling Hina


We’re closing in on the end of the second season of March Comes in Like a Lion and part of me is going to be very sad to see it end. This episode brings us a whole lot of reasons why as we see Hina thinking about her future before we get a time-skip to right before high school entrance exams. While seeing Hina’s character continue to grow, and it is nice that she hasn’t just forgotten the unpleasantness of the bullying incident, it is truly a pleasure to see how the shared experience has brought Rei and Hina closer together.


However, the show hasn’t forgotten it’s focus on Rei as Hina’s probing questions have him thinking back to his choices and how he became the Shogi player he is. For the first time, I think we see him acknowledge it was his choice even if at the time it felt like he was cornered or lacked other options. It is a subtle way of showing the growth he’s had since season 1.


But before Hina can realise her new found objective, she needs to get into the high school and that means studying. For once we get a study sequence that is played out over montages but is more laid back and happy to take each moment of the process and the bonding between Rei and Hina, as well as the enjoyment of good food.


These two characters have become so incredibly precious to me over this second season and I’m hoping they both find something they want in the final episodes.

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2 thoughts on “March Comes in Like a Lion Episode 42: Smiling Hina

  1. I hope you will eventually watch Honey and Clover (2005). March Comes In Like a Lion show is based on one of the plotlines from it, and a plotline from Nodame Cantabile. So was Your Lie in April and Pet Girl of Sakurasou, which is pretty much the condensed light version of H&C.

    The H&C characters are introduced in the first season, but you get all the emo payoff in the second season. Its got an original soundtrack that’s quite good, and you’ll quickly recognize the characters. Its a major influence because its about industrial artists, and all the shows about making anime are based on what it laid down, well that and Golden Boy which in one episode outlined two seasons of Shirobako, which is an anime about cute girls making anime, and what a long painful process that is.

    H&C is also one of the more honest slice of life stories about college life, which makes it very important for anime. So eventually perhaps you will watch it.

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