March Comes in Like a Lion Episode 38: We’re Transitioning But To What I Do Not Know



Faced with the harsh reality that it is going to be a number of weeks before we get another episode (thanks to the Winter Olympics), I was kind of hoping this episode would wrap up the Rei vs Souya story and in a way it did. The storm passes and the two return to their lives with the match behind them, but for Kiriyama there’s a lot of lingering thoughts from the match.


He’s finding himself oddly detached which means the only time we see the sister’s this week is a small scene where Hina reports that Rei has turned down their invitation for dinner and the girls discuss the merits of soft boiled eggs and how to cook them. This scene is adorable and reminds us that Hina has passed through her troubled time, but it leaves us with a sense of business unfinished.


Then we reintroduce Nikaidou who is finally out of the hospital and everyone is kind of worried he will be depressed because he had to forfeit two matches already which certainly won’t help his chances of staying at the same rank. Yet when Rei finds him, he catches the end of a match where Nikaidou uses a new move successfully and is truly ready to celebrate his successes rather than bemoan his misfortune.


So transitions and new beginnings all around but no real hint yet as to what the last part of this season will bring us and now we wait. No, now I start another rewatch of the series from the beginning because there’s no way I can go that many weeks without any of this show.

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Karandi James


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