March Comes in Like a Lion Episode 36: Observing the Approaching Storm



I loved the first part of this episode which showed Shimada and Jinguuji understandably frustrated at the difference in treatment the upcoming match between Rei and Souya was getting compared to their next match. It was funny and yet kind of on point as to how things actually work. Those two have worked hard to be as good as they are but because they are old and less likely to bring in sponsors the organisation is all but ignoring their next match.

The organisation has gone all out for Rei and Souya and yet the other poster definitely had a lot less thought put into it.

Then again, when they show us the first match between those two you can kind of see why the organisation might think their money is better spent elsewhere (even though that wasn’t really either Shimada or Jinguuji’s fault).


After this the episode gets a bit more serious as we see Rei studying for his upcoming match (though we do get a moment where he fills his teacher in on what has happened with Hina). Then Rei is off to the match and realises he now has to go through the whole reception thing, which leads to the realisation he has never really known what he was in for. Fortunately, Souya attracts most of the attention and this is really the first time we’ve gotten to see much of Souya. He’s an odd character.


However, the match is ready to start by the end of the episode so I guess that means the storm is going to hit next week and I just kind of hope that Rei survives it mostly unscathed.


As usual, I loved watching this episode, though this one was not as emotionally draining as some of the episodes this season. We’re transitioning from one crisis into what might potentially become a crisis and while this episode maintains the excellent visuals and characterisation you would expect from the show, it isn’t as hard hitting as we get more of a lull in the story.

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