March Comes in Like a Lion Episode 35: Here Comes The Sun



This episode was adorable and emotionally stronger because even though Hina herself declares the situation over, she adds a ‘probably’ to the end of it. The scars of bullying remain and the fractures in the class don’t magically disappear. The bullies also don’t undergo some mystic transformation and see the errors of their way to become model class members. And yet, the deliberate denial that used to permeate the class has been swept clean and a new paradigm needs to be forged. It is a time of beginnings even as the old trappings stubbornly hold on and linger in people’s memories.

This is beautifully illustrated in the transition from scenes with the teacher still attempting to deal with the fall out and the atmosphere of the Kawamoto house, and the house of the classmates who invite Hina to bake cookies later in the episode. The classroom is no longer the place of fear and negativity that it was but these emotions are still present and we see that through Hina’s interactions with the teachers when looking at forgiving the bullies, and through the lead bully’s interactions with the teacher.


Despite the situation being resolved, we didn’t see the full change in Hina until the moment she found out how Chiho was doing and we see once again the closeness of Akari and Hina as Hina lets out so many bubbling emotions in what is hopefully a final fit of tears.


And then we bring Rei back into the story who witnesses the sleeping Hina and observes that she almost seems to be glowing. If we needed more evidence that Rei is very aware of Hina as a person, this scene seems to consolidate just how closely he has observed her compared to other people. For Rei, who lacks social skills and seems mostly oblivious to others, Hina has left a real impact on his life and his focus on her is incredibly clear (and also kind of adorable).


As Hina fills Rei in on the events of the past two episodes he laments that he couldn’t ‘do’ anything for her. I’m so glad she set him straight and also called him an idiot for that. And I absolutely loved every second of them walking by the river.

Another incredible episode from this series.

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5 thoughts on “March Comes in Like a Lion Episode 35: Here Comes The Sun

  1. I’m not sure if you mentioned this before in other posts, but in your opinion, do you think Rei sees Hina more as a little sister he must protect, or do you think he notices her as someone he cares for romantically – albeit he might not realize his own emotions atm (´,,•ω•,,)

    1. Honestly, I don’t think Rei sees Hina as anything more than his hero at the moment and someone he feels he owes and wants to protect. While further down the line it might progress to something romantic (there’s certainly plenty in the way he speaks about her to imply that there’s that sort of emotion underlying things) but at this point I don’t think Rei is actually emotionally capable of making that sort of connection. I also don’t think he’d see her as a little sister due to his feelings toward his own family situation.

      1. Thank you for your reply! I agree with you regarding Rei’s possibly romantic (but not at this time) feelings toward Hina. But part of me also thinks that maybe he subconsciously wants to protect Hina because he couldn’t do so for the sister he loved and had? Just my thoughts though haha, thanks again!

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