March Comes in Like a Lion Episode 33: I Kind Of Feel Bad For Shimada



I couldn’t help but feel sorry for Shimada while watching this episode. He is tenacious, hard working, dedicated and yet in the absence of any flash or good-looks his winning the right to challenge for a title is seen as undesirable by the club. While I can sympathise with the commercial nature of sponsorship needing some sort of draw, I find it a really interesting commentary on society that hard work and tenacity aren’t seen as desirable traits in their own right.


As a result of Shimada’s lacking appeal, Kiriyama is being pushed into a potential match against Souya. Now, I’ve kind of wanted to see how this was going to happen given it has felt for a long time like Rei would face Souya but they were so far apart I couldn’t really see how this match would come about. However, given the circumstances, it would be very odd if the end result is anything but Kiriyama crumbling under the pressure. Though, it would be lovely if he could rise to the occasion, I just don’t know that he is there yet and even though he did see a move in the last game Shimada played against Souya, being able to spot it as an observer and as a player are two entirely separate stories.

Anyway, it looks like we’ll be getting back to Hina from the preview but at the moment I’m kind of wanting to know more about the shogi situation. I’m torn. This show is just good and I want to see everything and know everything right now.

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