March Comes in Like a Lion Episode 32: The Lull



I’ve kind of been waiting for it and it finally reached us. The lull in this series. For all of season two it has been working hard at tearing me emotionally to threads and now we get this episode that just kind of bobs along with very little concern. While there is some dark imagery, mostly this occurs during the first half which is narrated by Junkei, the character Rei has already defeated, so there is little emotional impact (other than the momentary thought that he doesn’t understand Rei at all given he thinks Rei isn’t concerned about and anguish of diving in over and over again and finding nothing).


The second half of the episode looks at the impact Rei’s visit has had no Hina when he takes the family out for dinner to celebrate his win. They play the girls ordering and eating too much for laughs, but essentially this segment is meant to show us how Hina has bounced back a bit and that it has not gone unnoticed by the grandfather and Akari.


This isn’t a bad episode by any means but it certainly isn’t the emotional roller coaster or nail-biting experience some episodes are. This one really is very laid back and pretty much just filling in gaps and time which is fine and all as part of the series but as an individual episode it will fairly swiftly be forgotten.

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4 thoughts on “March Comes in Like a Lion Episode 32: The Lull

  1. I actually liked this episode quite a bit. Granted I prefer peaceful SoL stuff to bullying and shogi matches, but I still think there was a lot to like here. As you said, Hina bounces back a bit, and it also shows some progress in her relationship with Rei in addition to how well Rei has become integrated into their family. Also the first part did have some emotional impact for me with the pigeon, although I was a little frustrated in the beginning when I saw it was about the guy who had already been defeated.

    1. I think when I rewatch this series I will be grateful for episodes like this that give the viewer some breathing room and consolidate the characters. Harder to appreciate in weekly viewing.

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