March Comes in Like a Lion Episode 29: Determination and Purpose



The opening theme this season is one I’ve been really loving and particularly in how it characterises Rei. While water still features heavily, Rei is no longer depicted drowning in it, or at least not so obviously, and more importantly, Rei is regularly seen climbing over obstacles and striving to move forward. This progress isn’t unhindered and isn’t without fits and starts but this imagery really matches the tone this arc of the story has taken. Rei has found determination through giving himself a purpose outside of himself. It isn’t smooth sailing, but the basic drive to achieve something is forcing him to look outward rather than inward and suddenly he is far more aware of those around him and what he actually wants.


That isn’t to say that he isn’t going to fail or retreat back into his shell, but for the time being he is a little more open to experiences and that is definitely good progress for his character. He is no longer the one being dragged from his home and into the light, but the one actively pressing forward to reach a goal. Still, when you start paying attention to others, what you realise is also how they are viewing you and sometimes that isn’t necessarily a good thing particularly if you’ve been oblivious to others for any length of time. You also realise you don’t really have any strategies for dealing with certain personality types.


So Rei’s progress as a character continues to be fantastic.

The other thing March has done very well so far this season is introducing the external conflict of Hina being bullied as the catalyst for a lot of Rei’s recent revelations. This week the show has made a very good effort at framing Hina’s teacher as completely irredeemable as a human being, let alone a teacher. I was worried the show might take that view after the teacher’s earlier comments, but I was also hopeful that when confronted with irrefutable proof of bullying maybe the teacher might actually act to protect her student. She didn’t and now I’m just kind of hoping Akari really does sic the grandfather on her because that could be amusing.


As the bullying saga continues I have to wonder what the resolution will be because whatever happens it will either be tragic or bittersweet. There is really no ‘happy’ outcome that we could arrive at now because the scars from this experience are going to be long lasting regardless.

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