March Comes in Like a Lion Episode 21



21 episodes and finally we have this:


Rei felt connected and was happy. And you know what? This was an incredibly quiet moment buried in an episode but right there was the moment I felt absolutely satisfied having watched this show. Rei hasn’t done a complete 180 as a character. He isn’t completely set up now and ready to face the world. But he’s made the vital change that’s been needed and because we’ve watched him agonising as he’s worked toward it and every step of the way his emotions have been put front and centre, this one breakthrough actually beat out watching any shonen protagonist take down a final boss.

I am glad however that there is another episode to go as I’d like to know more about how Rei is planning to move forward from this point. On the brightest side though, he returned to the sisters’ house at the end of the episode which really did feel like a step forward. Speaking of the sisters, they managed to make a large chunk of the episode about food again and reminded us just how adorable they can all be sometimes.


Anyway, I’ve loved this series and the ending is not disappointing so far. Looking forward to the final episode.

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4 thoughts on “March Comes in Like a Lion Episode 21

  1. really liked the moment when rei arrives at the house while on the phone with hina. im not as sold on the sisters in general, but i admit that the scene about ordering sweets was funny

    1. The sisters, while necessary to Rei, aren’t exactly my favourite either. But their reunion at the end of this episode was definitely welcome (and the sweets conversation was golden).

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