March Comes in Like a Lion Episode 12



I’m going to get my complaint about the new opening out-of-the-way straight up. What is with that song? Visually, the opening is still really fascinating but the song just doesn’t match the tone of the show and while maybe it’s pointing the direction we’re heading all it really did was pull me out of the mood to watch the episode. Definitely skipping the opening from next week.

Otherwise, this week March is back with a really strong episode. I love that Rei is aware of the change in him but that he isn’t really sure how to deal with it so instead he focusses on the challenge he knows how to handle, the tournament. That said, it seems like Rei realises he can’t keep going like this and it will be interesting to see what he decides to do next.


Rei is the right kind of self-aware character. One where his inner monologue actually does help you to understand him and his view on the events around him (rather than simply narrating the obvious) and it forces you to question your own decisions and actions. Really loving this show still even though some of the comedic moments don’t do all that much for me.

March Comes in Like a Lion is available on Crunchyroll.

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8 thoughts on “March Comes in Like a Lion Episode 12

  1. First off This was a great review, I also did not like the new 3-gatsu no lion op, it seems very… off, from what is being shown in both the visuals in the op and the tone of the show itself.

    1. I’m gald someone agrees with me about the opening. A lot of people have enjoyed it but I just did not feel it worked for the show, even if we are transitioning toward a more interactive Rei.

  2. At times the changing of a tune midway during a series can be really annoying. The original Attack on Titan song was way cooler, than the second song. It was the same with Psycho Pass. Kind of makes you wonder why they keep doing it anyway.

    1. Then there are some where it works. The changing of the song in Soul Eater really helped show how the characters had progressed even though both songs are pretty awesome. I like almost all of the Bleach themes (there was one or two misses). But, Iron Blooded Orphans should have stuck with its first opening. It was definitely the best.

      1. Music is always very important as well, and it can help set the tone for a series and even draw you in. Case in point Fuuka 😀 I also loved the opening for Eden of the East. And you are right, there are always exceptions to the rule 😊

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