March Comes in Like a Lion Episodes 1 + 2


March Comes in Like a Lion Overview:

Rei Kiriyama is a 17 year old professional shogi player with issues in March Comes in Like a Lion.

March Comes in Like a Lion Review Episode 1:

I’d originally put this one on the wait until it’s done list because the plot didn’t exactly seem like it was going to be my kind of thing. Yet there were just so many highly positive reviews I had to check out at least an episode. Blown away after watching. It’s really slow and quiet (except for the youngest sister who I would really like to hit the mute button on) but everything is just so well thought out and delivered.

Right from the opening I was drawn into this and the whole episode just held me completely enthralled. The way Rei’s loneliness and isolation is depicted throughout the episode is fantastic (not subtle but fantastic). I do not know if they can keep up the level of quality in presentation or story telling but episode 1 was a delight to watch.

March Comes in Like a Lion Review Episode 2:


This episode is broken into chapters with each one giving us a small glimpse of Rei Kiriyama’s life and starting to fill in some of the pieces about how he got to where he is. The presentation continues to be beautiful but the slow and quiet is continually broken up by the insertion of rather loud and over the top characters. This kind of feels like a deliberate intrusion into the tone as these characters are intruding upon the carefully constructed solitude Rei has surrounded himself with.

Once the other characters leave things return to being very calm and feeling like everything is more or less standing still. It’s interesting and a bit different from the other shows I’m watching at the moment and it is also just well put together at the moment. Of all the new shows this season (not sequels) this is the one that has left the biggest impression so far.

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Karandi James

13 thoughts on “March Comes in Like a Lion Episodes 1 + 2

  1. I like how you said the “constructed solitude Rei has surrounded himself with” as it really feels like he is withdrawing from interactions with others due to painful past experiences with interpersonal relationships. I hope the anime continues to showcase a new style of Shinbo’s directing and a subdued tone as his otheer shows feel stale to me lately (ex: latest Monogataris and Nisekoi:).

  2. As depression is ambiguous, art needs to be abstract in order to tackle and portray it, and I think this series did a remarkable job of that. Having suffered from depression myself, I recognised the echoing silence and staccato images that was at once terrifying and comforting.

    It really was one of the hidden gems of this season.

    Ditto on the younger sister, haha.

  3. Oh whoops, I was meant to do a First Impressions of this last week and forgot about it!

    But that aside, this series has been a surprise for me as well. It’s also not really my thing, mostly because I know next to nothing about Shogi other than a few scenes from Naruto and a basic rundown from an introductory Games Design class I had to do in my first year of my degree.

    But the directing was impressive, so much that it actually contributed heavily to the shows quality and, for the time being, it’s done a great job of enhancing what is currently a pretty basic but emotionally investing story.

    I’m just hoping they can keep this established atmosphere going all the way to the end. It’s Shaft and they tend to be one of the more consistent studios, so it’s likely they will.

    Good to hear your thoughts on this one!

    1. Definitely the directing is lifting this above what might be interesting but not a must watch. It’s just getting all of the right elements combined at the moment and I’m also hoping they can maintain that.

    1. It is odd when you go into something not really expecting much and then you get something that is just fascinating. My biggest concern is that once the novelty of the first few episodes being much more impressive than anticipated wears off will I still love the story. I’m hoping so because there’s quite a bit here that could be developed but whether they do remains to be seen.

  4. I liked the author’s other work a lot and was happy when I heard about this series a few days ago. Will probably wait for a few more episodes to come out before I start watching. Your descriptions of its pacing and tone are already drawing me in. Thanks!

    1. I think this has just managed to hit the right note for where I am at the moment and it is different from everything else on my watch list so manages to be the stand out.

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