Maou-Sama, Retry! Review Episodes 11 + 12


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Demon-Lord, Retry Episodes 11 + 12

Much as the rest of the season has gone, Maou-Sama Retry limps to the finish line with more fairly dull proceedings as the titular demon lord asks questions of the two adventurers about weapons and dungeons and then the sacred maiden visits the baths and interrogates his intentions. I guess for a story with so little in the way of a forward moving plot, expecting an ending was probably a little too much to ask, but this really feels like it is stopping literally mid-sentence and even if there were to be another season I would not be watching it.


One thing that continues to surprise me is that they still insist on floating the names of characters we’ve seen multiple times next to them when they appear in the episode. And not just the first time as Luna had hers show up early in one episode and then when she appeared later in the episode. It seems weird. Almost like they know the audience is likely to have been dulled into a sense of atrophy and might need a reminder of who someone is because they just spaced out during the episode.


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Anyway, if the ongoing joke of the adventurer who looks like a girl but is a guy and for whatever reason wants to flirt with the demon lord works for you, episode 11 will work. Otherwise, there’s nothing going on. Episode 12 is essentially an extended bath scene with the holy maiden and again if that works for you, yay, but otherwise there’s just no point at all.


I guess this story works for some viewers but to be honest I’ve been bored while watching and episodes 11 and 12 have done nothing to change that point of view. I’ll get to a full series review at some point however the term ‘dull’ will probably feature quite heavily.

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