Maou-Sama, Retry! Review Episode 9


Taking Care of Business


Demon-Lord, Retry Episode 9

If I was worried my last episode review of Maou-Sama Retry was going to start sounding like a grocery list, this week I’ve pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I have very little I genuinely want to say about the episode. On that note though, at no point in this episode did it do anything that made me annoyed or angry or that I felt was over the top. This series has delivered moments that have done all of those things, but not this episode. Of course, it also didn’t deliver much in the way of moments all that praise worthy either. It just kind of exists.


Another two new characters are introduced and part of me wonders if they just bring in new characters so they don’t have to repeat the eye-catches in more than one episode. One of the characters is the newly summoned aide and other than he has a sister complex to the point where he visualises her in one of the bunny suits the employees have been forced into (because, you know they are rabbit people so clearly they need to wear bunny costumes), we learn little about him. Oh, he’s also afraid of the other aide.


Our resident demon lord then goes for another round of extortion… I mean shopping and secures finances and the things he needs to get his new resort town up to speed and then we’re back to greet the guests. The madam from a few episodes back comes for a visit with an old, blind man and we immediately heal him earning yet more money.

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I’m kind of struggling for an overall point to the story or any underlying hook or reason. It mostly seems like we’re going about the daily life of an empire building game and while we get the occasional silly moment, or a scene of bunny girls bathing, there’s little to interrupt the overall plodding feeling that we’re getting nowhere fast. Be that as it may, great characters would still make it an enjoyable viewing experience but these characters are barely more than dot point descriptions on a page.

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