Maou-Sama, Retry! Review Episode 8


Expanding Power


Demon-Lord, Retry Episode 8

I fear this review is going to end up more of a summary and sound a bit like a grocery list given I really just felt so indifferent to what I was seeing in Maou-Sama Retry this time around. The story picks up immediately from where we were with Zero having beaten the devil prince thing and the devilkin girl now has a serious crush on Zero much like the older maiden does.


Then we go through a sequence of the demon lord negotiating with the oldest holy maiden, gaining access to the library, zapping the whole expanding harem back to the bunny village and promptly creating a hospital and hot springs from nothing before he summons what sounds like another totally OP aide. It is all just kind of stuff happening with no real reason to be concerned or to care for any of the characters and no real thought that anything happening really should have all that much weight.


I don’t really know why they felt the need to add the devilkin girl to the party given she’s done more or less nothing so far. I’m not really sure why the demon lord feels the need to stop periodically and laugh manically. I know he’s taking on the role of the demon lord but he isn’t actually a b-grade-villain and I’m just not sure why he’d do that. As for building a hot springs I’ve more or less just accepted that anime will take any excuse to throw a hot spring into the story.


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It is probably a good thing that we are at the tail end of the season because honestly I’m just not feeling this anime or anyone in it. At the moment I’m more watching it in order to complete it than because I have any expectation of it getting better.

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