Maou-Sama, Retry! Review Episode 7


Armless Clowns And Vampire Demon Prince Things

This is neither a clown or a vampire demon prince. This is just a very strange person.

Demon-Lord, Retry Episode 7

And why not just throw more Satanists at the story and have everyone run around fighting for an episode? Sure we don’t get anything resembling forward progress and the fighting animation is lack-lustre at best, but surely audiences will be amused if we just take the standard tropes and do them poorly?

Big shiny balls of light. Must be a shounen fight scene.

In fairness, this episode wasn’t actually terrible or even actually bad. It just didn’t do much of anything. Unless of course you really like it when the demon lord turns into the shirtless dragon guy in which case you’ll probably be thrilled. Or maybe vampiric demons who turn into big dog like creatures and get beaten in one blow work for you? Useless holy maidens?


Perhaps the best moments of the episode came early on when we saw a clown targeting Luna. He clearly bit off more than he could chew when the demon lord’s summoned assistant removed and reattached both his arms (more than once and not always the right way). It was both amusing and incredibly good at showing off just how powerful that character is and was a decent introduction into an episode that just didn’t manage to reach that level of entertaining again.

It may have been played for laughs, but it was a pretty good opening act.

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However, I do have to tip my hat to the image of the Satanists giving their blood to summon the vampire/demon/prince guy because that was actually fairly well done and reasonably disturbing visually. After that though it is all balls of energy and light shows in a fight sequence that has no real weight behind it and even characters getting kicked off screen gives it little energy.


Much like the series as a whole, this episode is a mixed bag of not-great and fairly ordinary with one or two sparks that might have been quite good if handled differently. Overall though, this one just isn’t getting all that much better and remains a fairly skippable affair.

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