Maou-Sama, Retry! Review Episode 6


Nothing Like Strawberry Tart and Demon Fireworks To Improve Things


Demon-Lord, Retry Episode 6

Well we jumped from what was probably the slowest and least interesting episode of Maou-Sama Retry to one that was probably the best we’ve yet to see. While the early stage of the episode is fairly inane, about a third of the way through they start moving things along and from there until the end of the episode it just keeps going letting it end on a high note for once.

Nothing like a strawberry tart to solve all your problems.

They’ve apparently finally made it to the capital and they are eating at a restaurant Luna likes to celebrate Aku’s leg being healed (which happened back in episode 4). It all feels pretty drivel like until a woman with one of the stupidest names ever turns up. Then again, it is okay, Demon Lord Retry is self-aware and Kunai comments himself on how stupid the name is. I’m sure that’s supposed to somehow make this more amusing as the show gives us a lurching nod and a wink but to be honest I was almost ready to scrub my hands of the anime at this point.


Then things kind of took a turn as our resident demon lord seeks to earn favour with the woman as she’s apparently someone in a position of importance in the capital. After buttering her up and talking himself up a good game he gives her the gift of soap which she’s pretty underwhelmed by at first. We then launch into a soap and hot-springs spiel that any advertiser would be pleased to hear.

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Fortunately, before this bit gets old, the city is attacked and the demon lord is off to show off for the people. We run, yet again, into the two adventurers who at first are doing okay in the fight but are nearly overrun when Maou-Sama shows up to save the day. A little demon-summoning and an explosion later and we hit the end of the episode.


Anyway, while not an amazing episode, this is probably the most interesting I’ve found the anime yet and I am starting to get curious about some of the demon lord’s plans and where he plans to go. I don’t think the humour in this show and I are ever going to see eye-to-eye but it doesn’t feel as intrusive when things are going on around it.

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