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Demon-Lord, Retry Episode 4

There are so many moments in episode 4 of Demon-Lord Retry that could be worse. The seemingly self-titled girly-boy’s comments if pushed just a little further would go from slightly unnerving but still kind of amusing into hell-no territory and yet they managed to not take that final leap (or at least for me).


Outside of that though, Maou-Sama Retry loads up on the standard trope characters and seems to be actively trying to collect a whole set of harem members by season’s end. Outside of the two adventurers we ran into at the start of the episode who are both dressed in a totally appropriate manner for fighting in a desert, of course, we also summon an aide who happens to be a strict older woman who apparently is also a mad-scientist. Let’s hit all the buttons in one episode.


Honestly though, there isn’t that much to talk about because if you hadn’t dropped the episode at the butt spanking two episodes ago, nothing here is going to make or break the anime. And also, very little happens other than Maou fighting off some desert wolves and then setting up house while he summons the aide.

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She then heals Aku’s leg and takes away which leads on to a wonderful conversation about how she’s now ‘normal’ and I just have to wonder what anyone who is unable to walk will make of that sequence. Honestly, it is lovely that a little girl is healed but I’m sure that some tact would have gone a long way in that conversation.


Anyway, that’s it for the episode. We started in the carriage crossing the desert and we’re still pretty much in the desert at the end. They’ve had a new member join their little party and I’m sure the two adventurers will show up again, but realistically we aren’t getting anywhere fast. What that means is this anime seems to be relying on its humour and characters to carry the anime and Demon-Lord Retry just isn’t funny enough and the characters aren’t really compelling enough to make this anything more than passable without any real driving plot.

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Images from: Maou-Sama, Retry! Dir. H Kimura. EKACHI EPILKA. 2019.

6 thoughts on “Maou-Sama, Retry! Review Episode 4

  1. I would just like to say, I personally don’t ever care what other people think, so no one should ever try to speak on others behalf. They have their own opinions and I have mine as well.

    I love this anime, it’s pretty funny, kinda different than what I’m used to seeing (more than 500-1000 anime’s, I lost count many years ago..) and about it not having enough content or whatever.. It’s true, it’s slow pacing, a bit like dragon ball (the ultimate slow pacing..) however, it’s just a wish that each episode would last 1 hour.. Or at the very least 40 minutes, but anime creators never ever learn.

    There could be so much content in so many anime’s, like one piece having a ton of content and episodes, yet each is super short like always.. Why? And don’t answer that with TV time or people’s attention span plzz xD

    And for the leg part, it not being normal to have a leg you cannot walk on properly. It IS NOT NORMAL! everyone without a leg knows it’s not normal, and that they are not a normal person all things considered if they are missing a leg.. Same goes for anything else that is not normal, and not being normal is not an insult.. Being normal might be though.

    But honestly, the person who wrote this review, should stop trying to be careful about not hurting anyone.. (like people without legs) cus in the end, if they actually cared, their iq would be so low that they barely would understand what was going on in the anime, much less be able to watch it in the first place.

    People who have any kind of disability or any kind of being different, already are 100% aware of it, and it not being normal, so saying it or not saying it, doesn’t make any difference whatsoever..

    1. Thank you for your comment and I’m glad you are enjoying the anime. I do feel they could have been more tactful in how they presented the situation in the anime though.

  2. It feels like one of those anime that is supposed to be all cute and boring. And by boring, I mean, gentle. I haven’t watched it yet, just looked at some of the pictures and i’ve put it in my “Plan to Watch” categories … just after I watch the remaining in my queues lol

    1. Tragically, this one is going more for a comedy approach and it is missing the mark. Cute and boring would probably be Uchi no Musume this season or just pretty standard isekai would be Isekai Cheat Magician.

  3. Honestly, this anime seems to be making all the wrong turns. Like you said, the humor and characters aren’t nearly enough to sustain this one without some kind of moving plot. The acting is pretty boring and the writing is even more so. Combine that episodes where almost nothing happens and animation that’s barely adequate, I’m amazed I still haven’t just dropped it yet. It really needs to do something good next week to keep my attention. There are too many other better demon/isekai shows for it to be this complacent.

    1. True, but given the genre of this one I’ll probably watch it through even if it doesn’t improve. That said, it certainly is the bottom of my isekai list for the season.

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