Maou-Sama, Retry! Review Episode 2


This Demon Lord is Pretty Lame So Far


Demon-Lord, Retry Episode 2

In addition to not being particularly interesting so far, episode 2 plunges us into uncomfortable territory as the Demon Lord turns another girl over his knee and spanks her on the butt repeatedly before essentially coercing money out of her and then going on a spending spree. Yep, so far Demon Lord, Retry! Is holding us as the least interesting or enjoyable isekai story for the season though that first episode of Arifureta maybe ran it a close second (and certainly took out my prize of most disappointing adaptation this season).


In addition to being incredibly uninspired, the main character himself kind of mopes through each scene mumbling his lines almost inaudibly and while I get he’s trying to play the role of the cool demon lord he’s just not very interesting. We’ve seen the geek playing the role of demon lord before in How Not To Summon a Demon Lord and Overlord and both did it significantly better than this with a more interesting character (even if I didn’t get beyond season one of Overlord).


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Throw in a fight sequence with some expendables and really there’s just nothing here that is worth mentioning except perhaps that this anime’s version of humour is really not funny. Outside of the butt spanking we also get extreme over-reactions, and the shop clerk who gets down on hands and knees and asks the demon lord to sit on him.


All and all, while I’ll probably watch this one through it is kind of already making a solid run at being the bottom of my watch list for the Summer anime season.

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