Maou-Sama, Retry! Review Episode 10


Hot Springs and…


Demon-Lord, Retry Episode 10

I’m not going to waste a lot of time on this. The episode happened and Shimpfy visited the baths, characters talked a lot, and nothing really happened. It wasn’t great viewing.


The beginning of the episode of Maou-Sama Retry gave us a small bit of back-story on Luna but didn’t make it feel like this was actually significant, and given how she was managing her territory, or not managing it, clearly it didn’t have all that much impact on her.


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Everything else really was either playing in the baths or conversations between Holy Maidens and Aides that may or may not actually become significant later. It is really hard to tell and to be honest even my idle curiosity for this show is more or less dried up at this point.


Not sure how many episodes this one has left but I know I don’t have many left in me. I’m pretty much over this lacklustre demon lord and his adventures of making soap and money.

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