Magical Girl Site Episode 2: Shock Factor Done, Set Into Familiar Patterns


Episode 2 of this anime turns down the extreme content, but what do we get instead?


As much as the first episode of this show flaunted misery for the sake of it and gave us characters that we couldn’t sympathise with because they hadn’t tried to make them real characters, at least there was the potential that maybe, just maybe, this anime was going to do more than just inject death and misery into a magical girl story. Episode 2 kind of dashes those hopes and what we are left with is a protagonist who’s only personality trait is being timid or a punching bag, a mentor type figure who is clearly damaged but not in an interesting way, and a count down to some horrible future event that is about as non-specific as you can get.


It doesn’t make for terribly compelling viewing. When they’ve frightened half the potential audience off in episode one by hitting us hard and fast with that kind of content, and episode 2 begins with blood rushing from a girl’s sliced throat, to follow that up with walking, talking, and a half-hearted confrontation between yet another unbalanced girl with magical powers and a protagonist we still don’t care about and all and all, it is just kind of dull.

Possibly they’ve given themselves some wiggle room with the oncoming tempest but this feels like they just intend to introduce psycho magic girl, have some kind of show down, at some point there will be a betrayal, and ultimately everyone will be miserable. Just my prediction though.

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5 thoughts on “Magical Girl Site Episode 2: Shock Factor Done, Set Into Familiar Patterns

  1. There will be a lot of unbalanced magical girls is my prediction. I’ve got two things making me go; the psychotic, evil brother and his rope, and the sperms. I need to know what he will do with the rope, and what do the swimmers mean. Other then that the girls themselves were a bit meh this episodes. I hope it will be better.

    1. I’m probably going to end up letting this one go, not because of a lack of curiosity but a general decision in the house that the Amazon subscription isn’t worth it and I’m pretty sure I won’t have access to this title very soon.

      1. I can understand that. If it weren’t for the fact that my husband used Amazon for watching other stuff as well I am not sure we would keep it either. There isn’t that much anime that it is worth the money. At least not this season.

        1. Just in general. Since it just started in Australia it had a cheap introductory price, but scrolling through the various titles, there’s just not that much on it I’m interested in. Netflix doesn’t have all that much anime, but at least there’s plenty of other content to watch.

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