Magical Girl Raising Project Episode 2


The curse of no individual identity continues to plague this show as we go through the motions of setting up a tournament to decide which magical girls get to stay and which will go. The foreshadowing for the end is obvious so there is no surprise twist. More importantly, the character tragedy for the week is set up in such a generic manner it lacks any punch at all. Generic and predictable aren’t the end of the world for a series, but lacking any kind of emotional intensity in the delivery is. Fav is trying so hard to be Kyubey they are just begging us to compare this to Madoka but this doesn’t have any of the magic that filled that series (which would be fine if it was giving us anything else but there’s nothing). This is another show that I think is about to get dropped.

Magical Girl Raising Project is available on Crunchyroll.

5 thoughts on “Magical Girl Raising Project Episode 2

  1. I’m hoping Cranberry turns out to be the one who shakes things up in this show. She has shown sinister smirks on her face for both episodes, after all.

    Then again, magical girls with hidden agendas inevitably get compared to Homura. I’m still hoping for something nonetheless, however foolish that may be.

  2. Again, I pretty much agree here.

    While Madoka certainly wasn’t the first show to do what it did, it’s fair to say that it’s most definitely inspired way too many shows that follow this now tired formula.

    If it had some identity of its own, or had a unique take on the “lets Deconstruct Magical Girls again” I’d probably be enjoying this a lot more.

    But it doesn’t have those things, so it’s just a cookie cutter show with no identity of its own.

    I had hopes for this one too, since it initially sounded really interesting, but so far I’m seeing nothing worth my time here.

    1. Glad for that. I’m still tossing up whether this is hitting the drop list after this episode or not. I’m thinking yes, but then there’s always a chance it might get better. (Even after Big Order and Taboo Tattoo I’m an idiot.)

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