Magical Girl Raising Project Episode 1


Think Selector Infected Wixoss with an app rather than a card game and that’s kind of the feeling this show is giving off at the moment. If you are unfamiliar with that, think modern magical girls (that is cute outfits and weird powers but dark undertones that may or may not amount to anything).


Dark dramatic opening followed by everyday life punctuated by some fairly obvious foreshadowing about the existence of magical girls and then let us have bow wearing, plain Jane protagonist transform into a magical girl where she’ll be reunited with childhood friend (now also a magical girl only he’s a guy). Now let’s invite all of the characters to a chat and tell them we’re going to halve the number of magical girls and leave the episode hanging right there on that ominous note.

In honesty there is nothing wrong with any of this as a first episode but so far this show hasn’t done anything to distinguish itself in this already crowded genre. Subversive magical girl series is kind of over done these days and to be honest nothing in this stood out. While that makes it a perfectly watchable entry so far, it is going to need to find a way to give itself its own voice or at least significantly improve on the way it is delivering old content if it wants to leave any kind of lasting impact.

And why is the lead character’s magical girl name Snow White?

Magical Girl Raising Project is available on Crunchyroll.

5 thoughts on “Magical Girl Raising Project Episode 1

  1. We need to subvert the subversive magical girl shows 😛

    Here’s another one I wasn’t bothering this season, but then there’s the off chance it might be something worth watching.

  2. This show is probably going to be overshadowed this season by the new season of WIXOSS for me.

    But it could have its own voice if it executes itself correctly and shows some originality.

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