Magi: Adventure of Sinbad First Impressions

Okay, I’ll admit, I still haven’t done a rewatch or a review of season 2 of Magi even though I promised that awhile back (here’s my review of season 1) but I was flicking through Netflix and couldn’t resist watching the first two episodes of Adventure of Sinbad so here are my first impressions of this series.

In honesty, I wasn’t such a huge fan of the Magi story in general. It was fun following Aladdin and Alibaba but that was about it and there were a lot of cringe worthy moments. And Sinbad was definitely not my favourite character. It was one of those shows that seemed like it should be a lot more fun than it was. That said, I enjoyed it enough that I watched both seasons (even though I’ve only reviewed one) and have now decided to look at this prequel(ish) show that picks up on how Sinbad got to be so incredibly overpowered.

Turns out he was born that way.

I kid you not. First moments of the first episode, the kid is born and every magically sensitive person on the planet reels. Mystery solved.

Maybe I’m just cynical but that seems like it might be shooting your own plot in the foot before you even get started. My issue with prequels is we already know how they have to end because eventually you have to align this story with the existing narrative. So Sinbad was never going to be in mortal danger because he was alive and kicking in Magi. Now we don’t even have the luxury of seeing him as a kind of hopeless loser who manages to overcome that because he’s just born special. A lot of my desire to watch this kind of went up in smoke at that point and I was less than five minutes in.

I’m kind of glad I kept watching, because I like Sinbad far more as a character than I ever did Alibaba (at least in this prequel). As a fourteen year old, Sinbad is remarkably like Alibaba, and yet not quite as annoying and he hasn’t ever hit the same level of rock-bottom pathetic that Alibaba seemed to default to (but we’re only in episode 2 so who knows what is to come).

The animation style and the weird chibi reaction things remain and otherwise its all just more Magi. So if you liked the original (even if you are super critical of it but deep down you know you loved it) this might be worth the watch. For me, I’m going to drop in on it every now and then (and if nothing else comes out this season I’ll probably finish this sooner rather than later).

5 thoughts on “Magi: Adventure of Sinbad First Impressions

  1. Holy Crap. I didn’t realise there were more series! I watched this on Netflix and thought it was it. Need to watch the others now.

  2. I don’t like or hate Sinbad but I admit he is very interesting character in Magi & AOS. But his stories in both of manga made me finally wrote in-depth analysis about his life. His stories is more interesting than you think.

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