Maerchen Maedchen Episode 2: Putting This One On Notice



Things kind of went downhill for this second episode once the opening song started. The song itself is fine is forgettable, but the visuals are for the most part taken straight from episode 1 (one or two seemed to be from this episode, with very few scenes of new material at all). While that in itself isn’t really an issue, I would have to wonder why they felt the need to show the scene of Hazuki running naked with the book three times during that opening. It was not that impressive a scene and it is one that most people would have preferred hadn’t been in the episode and then this opening pushes it into your face making you wonder if this really is the tone they would like to set for the show.


The second issue I had was that Hazuki is enrolled in a magic school and yet it really isn’t all that interesting. There’s potentially interesting ideas behind magic and the books, but the actual process of going to class, seeing magic demonstrated, failing at using magic, finally succeeding, etc, is pretty ordinary to say the least. Add to that we finally hear about the competition coming up and I had an instant Juni Taisen flashback.


While I’m going to give this one more episode because there are elements in this story I’m kind of interested in, another episode like this will see this one disappear from my watch list.

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4 thoughts on “Maerchen Maedchen Episode 2: Putting This One On Notice

    1. I don’t normally play by the rule, though I will admit shows I wasn’t too sure about tend to run out of second chance by episode 3 normally. That might say more about my patience than the shows though.

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