Maerchen Maedchen Episode 1: I’m Curious



This is a story about girls (called “Maedchen”) who are selected by “Origin”. They attend school of witchcraft located all over the world to wield their magic and become first-rate “Origin Masters”. Their goal is to win at the annual Hexennacht competition, where representatives of each school compete in their abilities to wield their magic. The winner gets to have one wish magically granted.

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If the synopsis hadn’t told me about the whole magic competition thing this first episode certainly didn’t tell me anything about it. So I’m kind of on the fence whether I’ll end up sticking this one out or not because I actually really had fun watching this episode, even as it walked through about a million cliché plot developments including a chase sequence with a naked girl.


But, I kind of liked the set up for this. Okay, it won me over right from the start with the respect the main character has for books. More importantly, I found Hazuki an instantly relatable character after she fled dealing with her new sister to escape into a book.


So while all the usual girl travels to magic world standards seem to be at play here, the first episode made me curious about the world and the books and the main character. Which means it more or less did its job. Do I think this will be amazing? Probably not. But it did make me want to give it a go.

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9 thoughts on “Maerchen Maedchen Episode 1: I’m Curious

    1. I’m still unsure about it too. There are certainly things I liked in the first episode but they really haven’t given much indication about where this story is going and a lot of what I liked about the story might disappear in coming episodes. I guess I’ll wait and see.

  1. “If the synopsis hadn’t told me about the whole magic competition thing this first episode certainly didn’t tell me anything about it.”

    The first episode accomplished astoundingly little. What material it did cover was stretched to the breaking point to fill out the runtime. While I’m giving it a chance, it really needs to step up it’s game.

    1. It did enough to make me want to know more which is more than a number of other first episodes this season. Still, not exactly an amazing start.

    1. If you have access, try the first episode of Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens. I found this earlier today and while I knew nothing about it going in, I quite enjoyed the first episode.

      1. Thanks for the recommendation. Just checked if I have acces for it, and I do. Having just read the premise for it, that sounds very interesting! Thanks again😀

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