Love of Kill Episode 7 – Sorry, Not Dead Yet

Love of Kill Episode 7

Okay, Love of Kill you aren’t as predictable as I thought and yet I’m not actually sure that’s a good thing. In my episode 6 review I speculated that the stabbing of Chateau’s boss would set up “a really obvious scenario where Chateau will have to decide whether to trust Song or believe the worst about him” but it turns out that the boss didn’t die and both Song and the boss more or less told Chateau that Song didn’t do it.

Love of Kill Episode 7

So if we aren’t setting up a massive misunderstanding to pit our two leads against one another what is Love of Kill doing?

Well it turns out that after a perfectly good chance for an obvious misunderstanding was cast aside, we’re just going to have the bad-guy flat-out blackmail Chateau into attempting to neutralise Song and hand him over with her mother’s life in the balance. Same result but more convoluted path to get there really. Though it did at least leave Chateau with actual expressions on her face this week.

(Spoilers coming below.)

Love of Kill Episode 7

What is Love of Kill’s end game?

I’m more than a little confused at this point whether a romance between Song and Chateau is even the point despite Love of Kill being listed as a romance. Chateau makes a weird declaration this week that Song is always on her mind but otherwise they seem to be in the same holding pattern they’ve always been in. Worse if you factor in that she tries to kill herself before he chokes her unconscious this episode.

On that note, Chateau is still playing the damsel in distress and any illusion that she might be a strong female lead had fled the building. It’s the ‘I don’t know what to do’ and ‘I can’t solve this problem so I’ll throw myself off a cliff’, actually shoot herself in the head, complex and honestly I am really disappointed with her character as this series has gone on. While she was pretty flat in the earlier episodes there was so much potential in her to be an interesting female lead and she’s since either been perpetually kidnapped, outclassed, or just given up.

Love of Kill Episode 7

Even her attempt at suicide is underwhelming and I’m not entirely sure it would have solved the problem. Would they have actually not killed her mother if she killed herself? Would Song be able to avoid them even if she didn’t bring him in? It definitely seemed like running away and it most definitely seemed, given she knows how fast Song can move, like she wanted him to stop her or perhaps she would have acted faster and more decisively.

Wow, critiquing a suicide attempt… Not exactly what I had in mind when I picked up an action/romance for the season.

Love of Kill Episode 7

And honestly, that’s about all that happened. The Boss was evacuated but the ship didn’t pull into port and have police investigate the attempted murder of a guest. Everything just continued on. It isn’t until near the end of the episode that some of the bit players in Love of Kill speculate that things might be a bit weird on the cruise given a passenger nearly died and no one seems to care.

With five episodes left it is probably a little late to hope Chateau becomes a more interesting character. Even Song has been a lot less fun recently. And the young stab-happy villain this week wasn’t exactly a show-stealer (nor was his brother who seems to be trying to do an L from Death Note impersonation).

Love of Kill Episode 7

So instead lets just hope they at least tell us a bit about Chateau’s past and maybe Song ends up at least getting a kiss. That’s about as high as my hopes for Love of Kill go at this point.

Images from: Love of Kill. Dir. H Ooba. Platinum Vision. 2022

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