Love is Like a Cocktail Episode 1: And Done



This one doesn’t need an overview because I’m dropping it. Three minutes of character invited out to have a drink and refusing. Going home and husband giving them a drink. Then happy drunk. The end.


Except of course the whole part where they give you the recipe for the cocktail of the week. I hate to say it, but this is a cooking advertisement (though in this case a cocktail advertisement) thinly disguised as entertainment and it just isn’t entertaining.


I honestly don’t care what they plan to do with this next episode. Three minutes an episode or not, it was a waste of time.

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Karandi James.


23 thoughts on “Love is Like a Cocktail Episode 1: And Done

  1. I feel like this is perhaps the most negative/disappointed I’ve seen you on a first episode review. I really liked this first episode; while not the most exciting thing, it was cute seeing the couple together, comfy, and has a recipe in it. I feel like this is 3 minutes of my time well spent. Cooking and cute things are two of my favourite things in anime, and while cocktail making is not exactly cooking, it is food preparation.

    At the same time, things are not to everyone’s taste, and I’ll just chalk this up as another one of the shows which I like but I think are definitely not for you!

    1. I was kind of after something goofy and cute and then I got a drinking comerical so it didn’t really work for me. There was also something a bit off about the husband seeming to try to get his partner drunk. All and all, definitely not for me, but I’m glad other people have enjoyed it.

  2. Even thou I loved this short, I enjoyed reading your opposing perspective on this. I’m sad you didn’t like it, but to each their own. I guess you wouldn’t like “I Can’t Understand What My Husband Is Saying” either..

      1. Ah. I can absolutely see how either of these shows would be boring or not enjoyable to many people. Cute in my anime is the stuff of life for me.

  3. Haha! True as that may be, I’ll stick around for a bit longer. Three minutes isn’t much to go on anyway and I’ve got a weakness to cute things.

    Love the brutal honesty! Got a good laugh from me.

    1. Normally even bad shorts are safe because three minutes is not a lot of time so even if it isn’t good you can’t really get to annoyed at it. This however… why does this exist?

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