Lostorage Incited WIXOSS Episode 12


Okay, they have a second season of this coming so apparently don’t expect a neat little bow around anything. That said, the focus for most this season has been Suzuko and Chinatsu and this episode finishes their story quite nicely with Suzuko taking the lead for once and Chinatsu finally supporting her rather than trying to tear her down. The show down between Suzuko and the Bookmaker was actually pretty interesting except that as always we don’t really know the rules of the game so it really just looked like they were pulling cards out of nowhere to one-up the other. While I’m not sure whether or not I’m up for another run of this, I really did enjoy this series and I’m looking forward to doing a whole review on it.

Lostorage Incited WIXOSS is available on Crunchyroll.

8 thoughts on “Lostorage Incited WIXOSS Episode 12

  1. Missed the sequel announcement somehow. Totally ok with that, there was enough that wasn’t wrapped up this season that was definitely worth exploring. Any way, agree with the not knowing the rules bit. If I hadn’t had the rules explained to me by a buddy (and even with that), this episode suffered greatly by all of the jargon that just comes out of nowhere. Past that, this season was overall far better than the first 2, despite the bit of fumbling it did at the end. The bar is set pretty high for its follow up season.

  2. As someone who found this to be the Anime of the Season I’m looking forward to seeing your final write-up for this one.

    Glad you managed to get to the end. I personally really liked the bitter-sweet ending, although I’m curious how they’ll squeeze another season out of this arc and its characters.

    1. That sequel announcement was not exactly one I welcomed given I was pretty happy with where things ended up even if there are still a few loose ends.

  3. So there WILL be a 4th season? Yes, me and my GF love this card game anime anime (manga too) series. So that kind of news alwyas makes me happy, even if I think that the first two were better than the current 3rd one.

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