Lostorage Conflated Wixoss First Impressions

A decent enough return for those who like WIXOSS anime. Not a lot of point if you haven’t watched the previous season though. What did you think?


I’m just going to point out that this franchise continues to just kind of mash words together before adding WIXOSS on the end and expects us to somehow swallow these as series titles. Why Lostorage is now Conflated I do not know and if past experience with WIXOSS is anything to go by I will never find out.


Though that really isn’t reviewing the episode and more the title so we’ll move right along. This is a pretty good recap of what has happened integrated reasonably well into set-up for what is probably the main confrontation of this season. I’m glad we didn’t have to see Suzuko and Chi still trying to sort things out with their relationship being pretty stable, and yet they’ve found a reasonably interesting way to try to draw Suzuko back into the game.

With the promise of another mystery and maybe some explanations as to why the WIXOSS games keep happening and getting darker, I guess I’m up for another iteration of this franchise. While never my favourite thing to watch, it is always kind of interesting.

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