Lostorage Conflated Wixoss Episode 8: The Condition To Win

There are fewer things more unfair than when someone keeps moving the finishing line of a race, but that is exactly what the girls in Wixoss find themselves facing in this round of Selector Battles.


This episode got dark, and I’m not just talking about the tone. Other than the battle itself every scene this week was pretty much bathed in shadows (sorry, there was one scene in Suzuko’s bedroom that was fully lit). It made for a grim episode but with hostages being taken and the fear of losing friends on the line, it was never exactly going to be sunshine and roses.

What I like is that even though this episode was mostly dealing with Kiyoi closing off her past history, they continued to build the other groups and agendas into the story. Things are moving along and despite the length of the battle this week it doesn’t feel as though any time was wasted in this episode.


That said, I have to wonder what Akira thought would happen at the end of the battle even if she’d won. There was more than enough evidence of kidnapping and the line that she’d take some embarrassing pictures to stop her going to the police just felt like a cop out. Not that it matters with Akira’s fate being decided this week and the truly horrific nature of this round of being battles becoming clearer by the episode.

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