Lostorage Conflated Wixoss Episode 7: It’s Going To Be Fun When These Groups Converge

Season 1 and 2 veterans continue their fight against Layla while season 3 veterans plus Kiyoi continue to try to figure out the nature of the new game this week in Lostorage Conflated Wixoss. I’m really looking forward to these two groups meeting.


The game continues with more and more evidence that it isn’t so much a game as a lure to get all the players back into the same sandbox once again to heap on more misery to all involved. WIXOSS has never been shy about making its characters taste misery, but this season seems to be taking the set-up of insurmountable odds to a new level and I’m curious as to how they will write their way out of it.

That said, I’m really struggling to find any redeeming features in the antagonists so far. While Satomi, as the Bookmaker, was a truly horrible individual, he was still a grounded individual and not one prone to outbursts of maniacal laughter until the latter half his season. The antagonists in this iteration have so far been very much of the psycho kind. They like inflicting pain and hurting others and that’s about the sum total of their characterisation. Carnival may be more of a threat than Satomi, but she’s nowhere near as interesting as she steers his body and the plot. And Layla’s just nuts.


That said, it is clear we’ve yet to reach the real villain of the piece so maybe it is just that they recruit really dull henchmen and we’ll get something interesting very soon. I guess we’ll see.

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13 thoughts on “Lostorage Conflated Wixoss Episode 7: It’s Going To Be Fun When These Groups Converge

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  3. I’m really hoping this is a 24 episode one. MAL still doesn’t have a confirmed episode count but 12 or 13 would feel pretty short for all the setup. Still, Ruu’s in the game now so the good guys have a chance at least.

    1. It’s going to be pretty heartbreaking though if Ruu ends up defeating Shizuka. I’m kind of hoping they find a way to fight together but history with this anime shows they usually go for heartbreak.

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