Lostorage Conflated Wixoss Episode 6: It’s Totally Unfair, And That’s The Way It Is

Carnival has had things going all their way since this anime returned and now we see they have rule breaking abilities. I have to wonder how they could possibly be defeated given everything seems to be in their favour this time around.


I guess the more difficult they are the greater the triumph when they come crumbling down, but realistically it seems impossible that the girls are going to overcome Carnival at this rate. They know more about the rules and can clearly access abilities the others cannot, including introducing a third LRIG into a fight when it has been clearly demonstrated the other characters can’t do this, so their defeat within the game seems nearly impossible.


That said, the power of friendship, determination, and being the protagonist will probably persevere eventually though I wonder what the cost will be. WIXOSS always ends with a minor triumph but it is always a bittersweet one because the costs of victory are high.


Well, by the end of this episode all the players are in place from the previous versions of the selector battles and I guess now that we’ve hit the half-way mark we’ll start to see what we’re really up against and maybe they’ll come up with an actual plan for victory. I’m betting there’s a lot of pain coming first though.

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Karandi James


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13 thoughts on “Lostorage Conflated Wixoss Episode 6: It’s Totally Unfair, And That’s The Way It Is

  1. Carnival is running the game so it makes sense that cheating is occurring there. However, I agree that the odds are really against the girls. The plan seems to put all the eggs in one basket and bump the strongest fighter amongst them up in strength for one big showdown later. I think they might eek out a minor victory but I’d be very surprised if this season has them overcoming the bad guy (if they even do) without a massive dose of suffering.

    1. Even if they all entrusted their LRIG’s to one girl, they’ve already established they can’t play more than two at any one time. That means they really don’t have much of a change here. It will be really interesting to see how the writers find a plausible way to even the odds.

      1. Yes and no. You can swap LRIGS out, so it gives them more options in battle since you can’t change your deck mid fight. Don’t forget, you can give your coins to someone else mid-battle too. It actually gives them a pretty hefty advantage under normal circumstances but we don’t know the full extant of Carnival’s power/control over everything yet.

        1. True, the additional coins would help because summoning a new LRIG costs a coin each time to unlock so if you were swapping in and out you would need a lot of coins.

          1. No matter what, I really do think it is going to be very interesting to watch. Excited to see things play out anyhow.

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