Lostorage Conflated Wixoss Episode 5: The Rules Are Breaking

As rule after rule seems to be overturned, Wixoss is making it hard to understand the game at all at this point as it seems characters do what they wish. While this anime has never been amazing at explaining the game’s rules, this is the first time it has felt like it is actively ignoring them.


In many anime the established rules are bent or broken, usually in a power of friendship or determination moment toward the end of the season. In Wixoss, the rules have never been all that clear about how the game itself works. There are some rules established each season that seem absolute, but the turn taking and the like always plays a bit fast and loose. This is the first time that even the game’s established rules have felt really over-turned and it doesn’t seem like the anime is too concerned about giving characters more or less power based on their desire at the time. It is all just a little bit hard to follow when the coins seem to no longer serve any purpose and characters are gaining and losing LRIG’s very quickly.


And yet, for some reason, none of that is taking away from my enjoyment of the series so far. That is really bizarre because normally discrepancies like this within a narrative bother me. I guess part of it is three previous seasons of Wixoss where rules have been relatively flexible have made me accept it, and the character drama is the more significant part of the show and it remains pretty solid. Still, things are not going well for our main characters this season and it will be interesting to see how dark things are going to get before they start turning it around.

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