Lostorage Conflated Wixoss Episode 4: It Just Got Real

These characters have been here before. They thought they knew what to expect. This episode helps the characters and the viewers realise that this isn’t the WIXOSS we’ve seen before.


Wixoss has always been an anime that collected some crazy antagonists. The battle junkies who were getting off on the horror of the Selector matches. Yet in previous versions of this franchise I kind of always felt that sooner or later they would fall and the sweet girl protagonist would eventually triumph even if that victory was incredibly bitter sweet. And maybe Lostorage Conflated WIXOSS intends to follow that pattern but right now it really feels like being the crazy fighter type is about the only way to survive the current battles in tact.


The rules have changed and while they still haven’t addressed how a Selector is supposed to battle without a LRIG, it seems kind of like they are going to have to put themselves on the line. A number of statements this week made it feel like the LRIG was protecting the Selector from actual damage in the fights and that may very well be the cost that is coming. In which case, I’m feeling really bad for Hanna right now.


Okay, I’m going to stop speculating because I know I’m usually wrong with WIXOSS anyway. It takes some interesting twists and turns and somehow it all works itself out. This episode continues to dive deeper in the new matches and draws even more characters back into the fight. While you could accuse it of being set-up, this is what WIXOSS does. It focuses on the characters finding their way through the mine-field. We’re well and truly in the thick of it and things are only going to get worse before they get better and I’m really wondering how we can get to a positive ending on this one but I’m really looking forward to watching more.

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12 thoughts on “Lostorage Conflated Wixoss Episode 4: It Just Got Real

  1. It’s very interesting how the Selectors remain as Selectors despite not having LRIGs. In the first two seasons, not having a LRIG would mean the Selector’s memory gets wiped and all.

    I’m so curious about where this series is going to go.

    1. With the rules changing as they are it definitely makes me interested in what they plan to do and I hope it doesn’t disappoint. The set up has been really affective so far and I’m looking forward to seeing what is next.

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