Lostorage Conflated Wixoss Episode 3: New Rules; Same Trauma

Some solid ground work is going in to bringing the cast of this anime together and I think the end result might be quite interesting. Though, early days yet for the battles.


It seemed inevitable that characters I didn’t like so much would also return as well as ones that I had fond memories for. And one thing this episode did very well was remind us that while the girls playing a card game premise might be pretty ordinary, this anime knows how to deliver healthy doses of pain. One of the more interesting parts of this season so far has been seeing so many of the characters after they thought they were free of Wixoss and the selector battles and their various responses to realising they are all still caught up in it.


That said, the rules of Wixoss, outside of the few they choose to share, remain as ambiguous as ever with things like turn taking and when they can attack being confusing and at times contradictory. The matches always look good and the better battle is the one between the selector’s mental states rather than the cards they are playing. Still, another twist on the game, which makes me wonder how the game will be ongoing so I guess there’s potentially another twist still to come.


This series continues to be doing an excellent job of getting me back into Wixoss and I look forward to the next episode.

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Karandi James


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