Lostorage Conflated Wixoss Episode 2: There’s Just No Escape

The rules of WIXOSS have never been overly clear in any version of this anime, but as seasons converge they seem to be trying to set a few things down in stone.


Again, this episode was heavily focused on prior events but it isn’t just walking us through prior seasons. It is genuinely giving us new information and changing how we see some of the events from prior WIXOSS battles and as a result by the end of this episode as Selectors are once again chosen by LRIG’s the audience is very much ready to see what might be the darkest iteration of WIXOSS yet.


What I think works really well about this new season is that characters who have made their peace or come to terms with the result of their encounter with the game are being forcibly dragged back into it. And unlike previous versions of the game, these characters are well aware of the high stakes that are being played for. These aren’t naive girls hoping for a magic wish at the end of a rainbow. These characters have already walked through hell and the fact that they came out the other side was a miracle the first time. The sheer fact that most of them flinch at the mention of the Selector battles starting again is testament to the scars that have been left on these characters.


With so many anime this season trying to get in on dark and edge, WIXOSS continues to show us that you don’t have to physically beat your characters to make them suffer and sometimes it is more affective to hold back on the torment and simply make the audience wait.

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