Lostorage Conflated Wixoss Episode 12: A Solid Conclusion

While I’m not entirely convinced about this as an episode, I am happy that this franchise wrapped itself up. While they might force a continuation, there’s no sense that the story is unresolved when this episode closes.


Kiyoi has made it to the room of white windows finally and is determined to end the battles, though some people would still rather that the battles didn’t end. Every LRIG you ever loved is going to show up to join in this fight and while it is messy and any semblance of rules are going to get thrown out the window, you can’t say that they didn’t try to up the stakes and scale for this final showdown.


And that’s really the whole issue. As an episode, this is just a mess of characters shouting ideals and mumbling about doors and keys while a fight goes on that pretty much ignores any previously established rules about fights (turn taking, what is that). Yet it is fun and the characters are all pretty glorious so it is hard to actually fault it. Of course the most important part here is that they do in fact resolve the story and while it might seem a little bit of a cop out to get to a happily ever after, even undoing some of the impact of previous bitter-sweet conclusions, it actually does feel fairly satisfying to see these characters finally get to a happy ending.

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8 thoughts on “Lostorage Conflated Wixoss Episode 12: A Solid Conclusion

  1. I think this was the second best season overall. The ending was good so can’t complain. Wouldn’t object to getting more but if this is where the buck stops I definitely wouldn’t mind. It was satisfying.

    1. In a season where so many shows are just kind of leaving us wondering what the point was, Wixoss actually gave us a resolved story. I definitely have to appreciate the closure this gave.

  2. Felt the same way about this final episode. Overall, I thought season 4 was solid, but overall messy with the introduction of those new rules. Battles felt more convoluted because of them, but I stilled enjoyed the battles. Kiyoi, I ended up liking her the best in the cast, and felt she had the most going for her in this season. Still not a fan of Suzuko, especially after what happened in episode 11 to her. I mean seriously, she read an entire book about WIXOSS battles, and was shocked an LRIG reached level 5. I found that part pretty dumb, but that’s just Suzuko lol

    I’m hoping this is the end with the series. If not, than I wouldn’t mind seeing it continue with a new cast. The cast of these four seasons already went through a lot, and earned their happy ending. If they were part of more battles than it would feel like everything they do is just redundant.

    I also got to thank this series for introducing me to Yuka Iguchi who did the opening theme for this, and last season of WIXOSS. Those opening tracks grew on me, and I liked her other stuff too. WIXOSS ending on a good note, that’s good enough for me for this season.

    1. I agree that any further seasons should be a new cast. It’s why season 3 worked for me because it introduced new characters and let us feel the old characters had done their time. Season 4 bringing them altogether worked fine, but putting these characters through more would just undermine the ending we now have.

    1. I think I preferred these last two seasons to the first two, though Wixoss is pretty much Wixoss regardless of the rule changes they throw at us.

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