Lord of Vermilion: The Crimson King Episode 3: Here Comes the Exposition Dump


After refusing explanations for two straight episodes we get to the end of a fight sequence and new random character will take them to a church to find out what is going on. Enter jargon, unconfirmed motive, and yet more poor characterisation.


Can I just ask who named the things in this show? We’ve got a heroic lineage and agents of chaos. I wonder who we are supposed to think are in the right. Then again, the heroic lineage characters are all pretty clueless and are now being directed by a church that essentially has admitted it plans on destroying the world in forty years (because that will create a new world of hope of course) so I’m kind of left with no one in this story that I actually want to succeed. There’s still a thin hope that the protagonists will strike out on their own denying both the church and the chaos guys, but from listening to the various exposition dumps it seems like everything that has happened is pretty irreversible so we may as well just accept Tokyo is done.


All and all, the plot of this show is either a mess or incredibly simple (I guess we’ll see which way it goes) and the characters haven’t done a thing to distinguish themselves as anything other than cardboard cut outs that might have one defining trait  (report guy likes to make comments about journalism and truth, Chihiro likes to get lost in his own head and freak out). It isn’t good by any means but it might just be bad enough to be kind of entertaining provided you aren’t picky about things. That said, I’m fairly certainly this is not going to be a show I’ll be talking much about.

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