Libra of Nil Admirari Episodes 7: Oh No, Not Everyone is Nice


After an encounter with one of the guy’s obsessed with black feathers, Kuze is forced to deal with the reality that there is a traitor in their midst. Then again, this anime has a plot aimed at the Prime Minister of Japan and yet can’t stay focused on that for three seconds because there’s so many hot guys in the cast to watch eating curry.


It’s amazing how this episode kind of meanders through its first half with a fairly pointless storyline just for the sake of re-establishing one of the characters who had kind of vanished into the background due to an over-clutter of too many pretty boys in the group. Which makes playing who-is-the-mole more or less a pointless endeavour given how obvious it becomes because why else bother with that whole first half. Not to mention, they reveal it before the end of this episode kind of puncturing any suspense that might have been built up given in under ten minutes they float the idea of a traitor and reveal who it is. Though, in the show’s defence, it isn’t exactly trying to be suspenseful and there’s a guy who can tear his shirt off to reveal a tattoo and his allegiance in a button popping sequence that kind of comes out of nowhere. Nice attention to detail on his abs though.


All and all, this is kind of a mess of an episode covering about three episodes worth of content. We get the unplanned movie date as phase one. We get a short interlude with visit to the Prime Minister to remind us there’s actually a real plot here and we should pay some attention. There’s the curry cooking segment. The confrontation with the villain of right now, though we kind of have to remember he’s only one of several factions we’ve come across so far. Then there’s the crow’s feathers following the heroine segment before finally we get the traitor’s reveal. It’s too much and too shallow and it all just kind of happens.

That said, there’s still something quite interesting about the story here even if the delivery is somewhat lacking.

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12 thoughts on “Libra of Nil Admirari Episodes 7: Oh No, Not Everyone is Nice

    1. If we’re talking about the narrative, it is pretty terrible. Good idea, dreadful execution. The pacing is all over the place.
      The characters are okay. Too many of them with insufficient time to do anything that might be considered development.
      That said, there’s something charming about the show that keeps me watching. So, not a good show, kind of like the feel of it, probably wouldn’t recommend at this stage unless you really happen to like ho-hum reverse harems.
      Still, if they do something with some of the plot elements, it might actually end up being an okay anime with poor delivery. Hard to tell if they’ll do something with all their concepts or not though.

  1. Man, I find that’s true of a *lot* of stories: great concept, poor delivery. Don’t know what we’d do without fanservice to carry the day.

    1. In this case the only thing that really has had enough time and effort put into it are the character designs for the guys and the ending which is essentially just a photo roll of the hot guys. I still like some of the ideas in this story but I really wish they’d deliver it better.

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