Libra of Nil Admirari Episodes 6: Tragic Back Story Time


Fairly standard plot development for this kind of anime. Focus on one guy and show us why he’s all damaged, have the heroine ‘rescue’ him and suddenly he’s all hers.

Seriously, who stands like that staring at a feather?

This episode focuses on Hisui, though I’m not sure why given he’s probably been the least interesting character to date. And they decide to look at the origin of his eyes and hair however they really do push coincidence here. Just because a book was written by a prostitute from a certain region doesn’t mean it is going to have any connection what-so-ever to your lost mother but who am I kidding. Of course the book was written by his mother.


Anyway, there’s a really long delay as they lead up to the revelation where Hisui gets the book and realises his mother loved him after all and then he pledges himself body and soul to Ruze, for reasons I still don’t quite get. She helped him find a book? It’s a pretty lacklustre episode and other than giving one or two glimpses at the potential villains of the series, doesn’t really accomplish much toward a grander narrative. Very much feels like a mid-season episode.


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