Libra of Nil Admirari Episodes 2 – 5: Pretty Standard Harem, Poor Mystery

Libra of Nil Admirari Episode 5

Having dropped SAO Alternative: GGO I decided to review this anime episode to episode. While it isn’t amazing, it has so far kept me more interested than Alternative and there’s definitely some potential here even if my hopes aren’t overly high.


Episode 2:

A perfectly average second episode with  the full array of pretty boys being introduced to the protagonist before she goes on ‘patrol’. I kind of wondered what a book patrol looked like until I realised it meant just visiting bookshops for the day. I could get into that kind of job.

Of course she’s now living in a dorm with the entire cast of pretty boys all of whom are interested in her for whatever reason. They even introduced a boy who could be classed as the childhood friend given he apparently lived with her family a few years back. That said, while I’m still not excited for this one, it is perfectly watchable.

Episode 3:

Meet cute guy who respects your ability and he is definitely going to be part of the group who seem to have their own plans for the cursed tomes.  That’s about it for this episode when all is said and done but I’m guessing cute guy comes back.


Episode 4:

New guy moved into the dorm and it turns out he’s the prime minister’s son who tried to kill himself after getting hold of a cursed tome on the same day as Ruze’s brother. He’s obnoxious for about half an episode before he thaws out and while he’s still clinging to the entitled master attitude, he’s already more or less besties with Ruze because that’s what happens in harem anime.


Episode 5:

Time for the mysterious author Ruze is living with to be fleshed out and of course he has some tragic back story with a complicated relationship with his former writing teacher (who also conveniently committed suicide leaving behind a cursed tome). This anime, like many harems, relies heavily on coincidence. Ruze is living with the author her brother admires. She just happens to come across him on the street selling goldfish and is again with him when the police take him into custody. The police just happen to ask the guy who is good friends with them to look after the author when he goes to the toilet and of course he lets him escape, because why not.


The problem with this anime isn’t that it is bad. The problem is that it is decidedly mediocre at everything it does. It has the ridiculously up-beat OP but a fairly bland tone overall. The ED focuses on hot guys reading books but accomplishes little. There’s moments of tragedy and death, but these are almost always brushed under the rug when the next scene features the characters drinking tea and being excessively polite to one another. All things considered, there’s a decent enough plot underneath all the window dressing here, but you really have to look for it in amongst the incredibly average presentation.

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12 thoughts on “Libra of Nil Admirari Episodes 2 – 5: Pretty Standard Harem, Poor Mystery

  1. I realized that while I watched I wasn’t really looking forward to what was happening in the anime… I was looking forward to the pictures of the men in the credits…
    I think in the future if they make these games into anime they should just pick a route and just do that one.

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