Libra of Nil Admirari Episode 9: So, Master Plan Is To Breed?


I’ve been wondering for awhile if the villain had an end game and a reason for wanting to kidnap Kuze. Turns out all he wants is to breed and have little baby Kuze’s who can see auras and also want to end the world. Perfectly normal plan really.

And someone please explain who is following this guy around with a spotlight while he delivers this terrible exposition.

Reporter guy who set himself on fire last week survived (surprise) and the traitor who was taken back in by Karusu turns out to just be chilling in a room and waiting around for a reason to break down the door with a chair. Meanwhile the Prime Minister is nearly assassinated, reporter guy’s notes point fingers at drugged up writers for creating fake cursed tomes, and ultimately Kuze gets kidnapped because despite being told to run away, she stands still and shouts the guy’s name over and over like somehow that will help.


Now, in a fair defence of the episode, this was actually kind of exciting given they didn’t just wander around and look at book shops for the entire run time. However, for the plot as a whole, the reveal of why this guy’s been after Kuze just kind of fell completely flat. I get the whole starting a war thing to make Japan great again. That’s crazy, but there’s enough logic behind it that I could buy it as a villainous plot. But wanting to take Kuze to Europe to have his baby? Where did that even come from?

So, this series continues to be watchable enough but not good.

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9 thoughts on “Libra of Nil Admirari Episode 9: So, Master Plan Is To Breed?

    1. True. We didn’t just watch them walk around some more and have tea. But really, as much as the idea of cursed books behind this story was kind of cool, the execution has been pretty dreadful in terms of actually crafting a narrative. I mean, the anime looks pretty and when you explain the premise it sounds like it should be pretty good. And yet, I can’t help but feeling like this anime has missed its mark somehow.

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