Libra of Nil Admirari Episode 11: I Guess That’s A Twist


Episode 11 of Libra of Nil Admirari first gives us an “I am your father moment” before we get a revelation that what seemed like a totally superfluous character is actually also a bad guy. It almost makes you want to hum the ‘dum, dum, daaas’.


Apparently taking down an evil cult is actually pretty easy once you set their building on fire and actually move in and arrest them. Realistically, the final moves against Karusu were pretty ordinary with the professor being the only one who put up much of a fight before he was taken down by the laws of poor slap-stick comedy. But there was a shadowy figure waiting in the background, apparently because there’s another episode to go and we just wiped out all our villains.


I won’t say who, just in case there’s anyone out there who cares about spoilers for this anime, but realistically, think of a character who was introduced early on that has literally had no impact on anything (okay, that doesn’t actually narrow it down in the case of this cast). But whichever way, while I hadn’t suspected them, I’m not really surprised because at least it gives them a reason to exist. I guess the question remains whether Kuze will get herself out of trouble or be rescued in the final episode.

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