Last Day to Vote – Best of Winter 2019 Poll Closes Tomorrow

Endro - Episode 11 - Yuusha

Can I just say thank-you to everyone who has already voted?

thank you

300 votes in the Best of Winter 2019 poll. That’s amazing. Compare that to Best of Autumn 2018 which only received 157 votes. I’m really looking forward to revealing the results of the poll on the 1st of April.

So, last chance to vote and have your say.

Remember this is about which anime you enjoyed the most this Winter season and you can pick up to three for those who can’t decide.

The top 3 choices will go into the reader’s poll for best of the year at the end of the year.

Please vote, please share, and check in on the 1st of April for the results.

Thank-you for reading 100 Word Anime.
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Karandi James

3 thoughts on “Last Day to Vote – Best of Winter 2019 Poll Closes Tomorrow

  1. I fully expect the winner to be Colorful Pastrale (and then, on April 2nd, the real results go up). I voted some time ago but I’ve got around 4 favourite shows, so I can’t remember what I actually voted for.

    1. Thank you and I’m really looking forward to seeing what ends up in the top 3. I think the winner has been decided for awhile but we’ll see what the last few hours of voting bring.

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